Electronic Repair

GO’s technicians have experience in some of the most advanced electronics in the industry. Through this experience our technicians have acquired knowledge in more than just GO’s specialties. We have fixed electronic signs, touch screen monitors, circuit boards and much more.
Some supported parts are returned to manufacturer or manufacturer approved repair shops through our distribution network for authorized repair. Manufacturer repair shops are typically only accessible to distributors or integrators, and cannot be contacted directly by the end user.
For parts that are no longer supported by the manufacturer we have two possible paths internal repair and outsourced repair. Internal repair items will be examined, cleaned and tested in house prior to return. The fee will be based on number of hours and price of parts required to complete repair. An estimate will be provided after examination. All internally repaired items will undergo verification testing prior to return.
If an item is not supported by the manufacturer and cannot be repaired or verified in house, then 3rd party repair shops are considered. In this instance we also provide upgrade/retrofit information if available to help make an informed decision. Results and details of verification test will be provided to customer upon request, along with repair details.
Component level repair of circuit boards can be completed if documentation (schematics) and equipment for testing are available.

Some items that have been successfully repaired internally include:
· Custom Monitors
· DEC computer Terminals
· LED Signs
· Apple Motherboards
· Custom/obsolete power supplies
· GE Security Products
· AMAG Access Control
· Most Major Security Products
· Fluke/Dynapro 1020 Touchscreen
· Zebra Printers

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